Neat New Google Feature Will Soon Let You Change Highlight Colors

If there is one thing that Google has always been big on, it’s optimizing the user experience so that they can do whatever they want and not have to settle for decisions that the company has ended up making for them. A new update that people have noticed is not particularly significant from a user interface or privacy and security standpoint but it would still be rather interesting for a lot of people and might just improve accessibility for people with certain disabilities as well at the end of the day.

Google often highlights text fragments from its search results based on how relevant they are to your initial query. All you need to do is change the target text pseudo class and soon you would be able to change the highlighted color to whatever you wish, for example to purple, as reported by Thomas Steiner, Google Web Developer Advocate. People that simply don’t like yellow will be overjoyed, and others are going to appreciate the fact that you have so many options that can allow you to customize your experience as well as how your search results eventually end up looking.

Another application for this sort of thing that many people actually don’t know all that much about has to do with color blindness. People that suffer from this kind of ailment generally need very specific colors so that they can access information quickly. This new update gives all of these users the option to change the highlight color so that they would be able to see it a lot better than might have been the case otherwise. Google might not have been intending this kind of benefit to arise, but it just goes to show that optimizing applications and giving users more control over them can help make them far better than just trying to analyze user preferences yourself and making changes and decisions based on them.

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