Google Finally Rolled Out The Featured Snippets To Highlight Search Results On A Web Page

Google has been working on featured snippets to highlight content within a specific article. Now, after years of testing out the new feature, the company has finally rolled out the featured snippets to the web page highlight tool. It was seen during the last few years that the company has tested to highlight content on a web page. A featured snippet appears within the Google search results, and when a user clicks on the standalone box, Google highlights the relevant content in yellow, a user is looking for within a specific article.

Now, the new feature is live and it works on most of the Google featured snippets and on maximum browsers. Danny Sullivan from SearchLiaison team stated in a tweet that Google has been testing the new feature for five years, and now the feature went live during the last week. He also stated that the company has done this frequently with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages since December of the year 2018. Google tested this feature with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) pages during 2019, and the company now does it frequently with HTML pages since last week.

Now let’s discuss how the new feature works. When you perform a search on Google via desktop or a smartphone, and if a featured snippet appears, click on that featured snippet. After a person clicks the featured snippet, the browser may anchor the user down and highlight a specific text in yellow color. The text you saw in the featured snippet will be highlighted in yellow on that specific webpage.

Danny Suvillan also added a link to a help document in his tweet. The help document says that ‘when a user clicks on a featured snippet, they will be taken directly to the text they saw in the featured snippet on the source webpage. This is no markup required by webmasters and it takes place automatically. The webmasters do not need to manually enable the featured snippet.

However, if your web browser does not support the underlying technology required for this feature, you will be (as usual) taken to the top of the source webpage by tapping on featured snippets. Moreover, Google will do the same if Google’s network is unable to analyze the exact position to direct a click within any webpage.

You might be thinking about why you should care about the new functionality. The new functionality could impact the ad market. As we have stated above, it takes users directly to a specific part of the page, people visiting your website may skip down past advertisements as well as call to action statements. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts will have to take measures to track if their website is doing this within the Google Search. SEOs are recommended to replace their ads and call to actions in a more appropriate position, where searchers will not possibly skip them, in light of the latest feature released by Google.

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