Here is a list of startups LinkedIn users want to work with in 2020

LinkedIn released its annual report of startups to work with. The network for professionals curates the list based on how its 171 million U.S. user interacts with the startups on its platform. The ranking is determined via four main factors:

· Employee growth

· Job applications initiated on LinkedIn

· User engagement with the companies and their employees

· How often people migrate to these startups from the companies listed in the LinkedIn list of top firms

To be eligible for the startup list, the companies had to be founded in the last seven years. It also has to be privately held and based in the US. A workforce of at least 50 employees is also a mandated prerequisite by LinkedIn.

Besides the common contenders, the list for 2020 included some very surprising additions. In fact, out of the top 50, 38 startups were newcomers.

Among the list, took the first place for being the hottest startup to work with. Boasting a workforce of 4,000 – has offices in New York, California, and Charlotte. The company is basically a mortgage lender and aims to provide the lowest interest rate.

A few companies part of the listing pivoted during the ongoing pandemic. For example, Samsara that sells connected devices slacked 300 workers in May. However, the company is back on its feet again by shifting its focus on customers linked to the manufacturing, construction, and food and beverage industry.

Another startup, Curative switched their operations from developing tests for sepsis to producing oral fluid tests for COVID-19 testing – thus marking its place in the LinkedIn’s list of top startups.

Other companies that saw a record spike in employee’s interest includes Loom, video messaging recorder, and Drift's conversational Chabot. Startups belonging to the healthcare industry are also dominating the list amidst COVID-19.

Who Went Down?

Unfortunately, the ranking did force many companies to fell down from the list – and make way for new ones. Some of these companies went out of business while several others don’t qualify as startups anymore.

For example, financial services company Plaid was sold to Visa for a whopping $5.3 billion while several others like Snowflake and Peloton became publicly traded companies through IPOs.

As a result of coronavirus, the scooter industry's Bird and Lime temporarily closed their business – and took an exit from the list as well. Retail companies like Away, Allbirds, and Glossier were also removed as all these businesses saw a significant shortfall in consumer's demands after the pandemic took over.

The Top 10 Most-Wanted Startups of 2020

With this being said, here is the list of startups that are voted as the most favorite by LinkedIn users.


2. Doordash

3. Robinhood

4. Samsara

5. Databricks

6. Outreach

7. Brooklinen

8. Attentive

9. Loom

10. Verkada

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