Instagram is bringing some new changes by expanding its anti-bullying features and re-introducing the photo-mapping feature

Instagram has recently announced that it is expanding its anti-bullying features and making some changes to avoid cyber-bullying and hate comments.

As per this latest update, if someone tries to post a nasty comment, Instagram will send them a warning message to let them know that if they post the comment that matches with the ‘reported’ content, and if the person continues to post offensive comments, then Instagram may delete their accounts. An important point to note here is that Instagram is going to delete the account of the bully straight away. There is not going to be any blocking and unblocking. Just deletion. So, this shows that Instagram is pretty serious about this issue and wants the bullies and offenders to take these warnings seriously too.

Another aspect of this new update is that Instagram is going to give the bullies and offenders a chance to stop and review their comments before posting. It means that Instagram is kind of nudging or prompting the users to think before leaping to actions, which is very important in these modern times where these social media platforms become battlefields within a minute over an insensitive comment or offensive post.

So, looks like Instagram is trying to make people use their brains before they press the ‘post’ button. It is a fair step and a fair warning. It gives an ample amount of chances to the offensive users and if they still continue to behave inappropriately, then Instagram is completely justified to kick them out of its platform.

On the other hand, Instagram is working on a feature that will protect the recipients of such bullying comments. The company says that it will automatically hide the comments that are similar in nature to already reported comments/content. So, people will not see hurtful comments from others and that is a huge, and much-needed measure. Instagram’s efforts to curb hate speech and cyberbullying are appreciable.

Another update from Instagram is the revival of its photo-map feature, which Instagram had killed in 2016. However, this feature is coming with several new changes. It is not going to be publicly accessible on the main profiles of users. Instead, the photo map will now be available on Story Archive. Users will be able to track the locations of all their Stories with the help of this map, instead of locating their feed posts. Since this new map will be private, it will prevent the users from showing off their travels and other feed posts representing the events of their lives with their followers.

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