Instagram seems to be working on an option to switch to your last viewed account and an additional tool for Reels

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher has recently posted two tweets about two exciting upcoming news from Instagram.

In the first tweet, he shared that Instagram is working on the ‘double-tap’ to switch from one account to your other account that you viewed last. He also shared a screenshot in which, in the place of where a user’s account profile comes in the lower-right corner of the screen, the icon of a profile is clearly visible.

This is an interesting feature. Many Instagram users have multiple accounts. Those who run online businesses often have a separate ‘Business’ account aside from their personal account. So, for all these people, it will be easy now to switch between accounts seamlessly. They can pay equal attention to their followers on all their accounts, and this is a good step that Instagram is reported to be currently working on.
In his second tweet, Paluzzi pointed out that Instagram is likely to be bringing a new ‘Appearance’ tool for its users on Reels.

Reels is the latest venture of Instagram, and it allows the users to create 15-seconds long videos. This is quite similar to the short-form video-sharing app, TikTok.

Currently, Reels has creative editing tools that can help the users to play with the Length of the video, employ different options for Audio, adjust the Speed, and the users can add different ‘Effects’ too. Now, a new tool for ‘Appearance’ is also making its way for the users.

When a follower asked about the exact functionality of this tool, Paluzzi just said that at the moment, there is not much known about it. But maybe it is just a simple tool that will make the overall appearance of the video better by brightening/dimming features, and more.

Let us wait and see when Instagram will eventually roll out these features and how the users react to them.
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