Instagram adds two new ‘feathers’ in the IG Live streaming hat, including an extension in the stream’s time length and a new archiving option

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, when people faced global lockdowns, they started resorting more towards live streaming video apps to stay connected with each other, albeit virtually. That was the time when Instagram’s Live streaming options became a real blessing for many people, and now, Instagram has announced 2 new additional options for these users who rely heavily on their IG Live streams.

First off, the company has extended the time limit of these live streams. So far, one live session would end after one hour, and users like teachers, DJs, etc. used to continue their live broadcasts by starting up another session immediately after one session ended. But now, to make these sessions more smooth and completely uninterrupted, Instagram has extended the time limit from one hour to four hours.

As per Instagram, this will help people like teachers and instructors, rising musicians, artists, or people hosting live fundraisers or any other form of the online event. People will be able to continue promotional events for their products without any interruptions and that will be very good for their engagement and reach.

The second addition is that Instagram will allow its users to archive their Live sessions and broadcasts on Instagram for one month. This is the same time period for which Stories can also be archived.

While Instagram had always allowed its users to download their Live sessions once they ended, those downloads had limited features because the comments and discussions around the platforms do not get downloaded and are not available.

An archived Live stream will have everything, and it can be used by businesses for some additional promotional features while opening more options for these people.

Not only this, but Instagram is also working on bringing improvements to make the ‘Live Now’ section of IGTV more discoverable. As per the company’s spokesperson, people have started relying a lot on Live since the beginning of this year, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, to make the communities engage with each other in a better way, Instagram is trying to help people find more interesting content from the creators whom they may or may not be following. Once a user engages in IG Live content, the platform will start showing them similar content and similar streams. This will greatly improve the overall IG Live viewership and will also benefit a lot of creators and businesses.

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