Instagram is working on a new possibility for an account following without having to switch between multiple profiles first

An app researcher, Alessandro Paluzzi has recently shared an interesting update on Twitter. As per his tweet, it seems that Instagram is working on a new possibility for people who have multiple accounts on Instagram. It looks like they may soon be able to follow an account with any of their accounts without having to switch first.

Paluzzi has shared a screenshot which shows that under the ‘Follow’ button, there is a message from Instagram that tells the users to ‘Press and hold to follow from your other accounts.’

For example, if you have two accounts, one of which is your business account on Instagram and the other is your personal account. Now, suppose you are currently working from your business account and you see another account that you want to follow. So, instead of having to switch back to your personal account first, you can follow that account from whichever account you are signed in from.

This is a wonderful feature for social media managers who have to take care of various accounts. Now, without any hassle or confusion, they can quickly follow an account without any trouble of switching accounts back and forth.

A while ago, Alessandro Paluzzi shared another update regarding multiple accounts too. It seemed that Instagram was working on a double-tap option which allows the users to switch from one account to another seamlessly. The lower-right corner of the screen that shows the display picture of your current account that you are working from will show the picture or icon for your other account too. So, it will be easy for people who have multiple accounts to switch from one account to the other without any problem.

Now, with this update, it seems that Instagram is especially focusing on providing newer and better functionality and options for Instagrammers having more than one accounts.

Many people have reacted quite positively to Paluzzi’s tweet, and another social media consultant and commentator, Matt Navarra has called this a ‘clever little new feature’ by Instagram.

We do not know if and when this functionality will officially roll out. But we hope that it happens soon!

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