The Durability Test Shows That Cermaic Shield Makes iPhone 12 The Strongest Smartphone Ever

Right now, iPhone 12 is going through a tough release period as the tech community is testing the strength of the newly released ceramic shield in every possible way. Fortunately, the results coming out do show that iPhone 12 can withstand pressure better than iPhone 11 but the difference in both the devices before they break is also something very astonishing.

Screen Toughness Test

MobileReviewsEh conducted the all-important test by using a force meter to measure the exact pressure level upon which the display of both the iPhones will crack.

iPhone 11 first broke at 352 Newtons of pressure and iPhone 12 being the toughest took 443 Newtons of pressure to break down. Besides this, the pattern of the crack of the iPhone 12 was also relatively finer than 11 even at such high pressure.

Scratch Resistance Check

Both the iPhones were also tested on their promise of scratch resistance with the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. The experiment is based on finding out what materials can put scratches on screen from a list of things that are included in the scratch kit and then, in the end, rate every material accordingly.

This principle is generally used by a lot of electronics manufacturers who test their LCD and OLED panels, along with smartphone makers as well for Corning's Gorilla Glass.

The iPhone 11 started to scratch slightly at point 6 and then the scratches became more prominent at point 7. However, the iPhone 12 on the other hand stood scratchless at point 6 with very faint scratches starting to appear only at point 7. It was only at point 8 when deep and clear visible marks showed up on the screens of both the iPhones.

In the similar video, we also saw that the aluminum sides of the iPhone 12 were much more resistant to scratches emerging from things like coins and keys as compared to the glossier stainless-steel sides of the iPhone 12 Pro.

Overall, the back glass panel of both iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 scratched at point 7 and the sapphire crystal coating covering the lenses of the camera had scratches at point 8. This made the conclusion more clear that while the ceramic coating on the iPhone 12 makes the front screen much tougher and better scratch-resistant as compared to the iPhone 11, but the rest of the materials that compose the iPhone 12 are very much at par with iPhone 11.

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