Google is testing a new Search feature that will come with a Filter Box

Google is reportedly working on a feature to make search results more refined and more relevant to the search query of the users.

This feature will let users filter their search results by pages and sites that mention the same words that the user is looking for in a Filter Box that will appear on the right-hand side of the desktop devices.

For example, if a user types in ‘Assisted living veteran’ in the search bar, Google Search will immediately produce hundreds of pages and articles about this query. But with this new feature, a Filter Box will also appear to the right of these search results. It will have certain options like ‘nursing home,’ ‘care-giver,’ ‘senior housing,’ etc. The user can then check off any of these options and the search will become more refined and will be tailored around the specific options that the user checked in the Filter Box. Google Search will highlight pages and sites with those checked off options and words for the user.

This is a brilliant idea to make search results more centric, and more focused. These options also give the user an edge to explore some other things that maybe add more value to their search experience and make it more useful and profound.

Carrie Hill, a local SEO analyst first shared some screenshots on Twitter about this update, and so far, this is all that is known about this feature.

Some people said that this feature is going to be a great addition to the search refinement tools and features that have recently been added by Google Search.

Currently, search often becomes quite frustrating as Google Search tends to show just about anything and everything that matches the query of the user. Sometimes a user has to be really cautious about choosing their words to type in the search bar to avoid seeing irrelevant search results that Google Search just springs at the users because of its weird word-matching criteria.

With this new Filter Box, these things can be easily avoided. So, it is going to be a wonderful addition for users all over the world as it will make their search experience easier and more meaningful.
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