Google Increases Malware Security for Advanced Protection Program

Some internet users need a little more protection than others. Examples of this include politicians, journalists, activists and high profile business owners. Recognizing this, Google rolled out the Advanced Protection Program or APP, and it has proven to be quite a success. In 2019, users of the APP did not suffer a single phishing attack, with Google reporting that around forty thousand phishing attacks were blocked in that year alone. This proves the efficiency of the program and suggests that it might play an essential role in allowing high profile and high risk users to get a greater sense of safety when they are using the internet in general.

It turns out that the tech giant is not done priming APP to make it so that it becomes as effective as possible. Malware protection has been expanded in the APP, and users will now be getting live updates if any security threats are noted. High profile individuals suffer a disproportionate risk when it comes to situations like this, and big companies like Google need to make sure that they can provide this level of protection in order to facilitate free speech as well as open democracy, proving that the tech industry remains the strongest bastion when it comes to protecting various civil liberties all in all.

Unsafe files are very common on the internet, but the APP can protect high profile users from them quite easily. This can make data transfers easier as well, and this data is usually very sensitive because of the fact that it contains information about corruption, political machinations as well as other things that often need to be exposed. A new feature in the APP involves users getting a pin code associated with a specific device, and any data downloaded to the device would only be accessible by using the pin so even if the data is compromised the bad actor won’t actually be able to get to it.
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