Google Gets Into the Halloween Spirit With New 3D Avatars

Google is known for trying to take part in activities that would help people enjoy certain days and occasions, and with Halloween coming around many were excited to see what the search engine platform would end up doing in this regard this year. It turns out that Google has created a bunch of new 3D avatars that users can end up interacting with, and these avatars are conveniently associated with keywords that people often use in their searches during this time of the year which means that it is more likely that these avatars would come up whenever someone searches for something related to Halloween.

Human skeletons, black cats and ghosts abound and you would be able to interact with these 3D creatures as well. Other cool creatures include a dog wearing a pirate costume as well as a Daschund that is quite comically wearing a hot dog costume. Google encourages users to say boo to these apparently trick or treating creatures when they come up, and if you do so you would get a reaction out of them that really would be quite enjoyable to watch without a shadow of a doubt.

You can also “summon up” certain avatars by putting in the right keywords, with the 3D skeleton, jack o’ lanterns and ghosts being particularly enjoyable here. You can view these summoned avatars in 3D and interact with them as well.

With all of that having been said and out of the way, it is important to note that this might just be the most comprehensive way in which Google has incorporated holiday themes into their search engine. The pandemic might have something to do with it since people would not have much to do at home and having such fun features in a regular search engine could help them feel a little better.

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