Google Chrome tests showing user accounts while they save payment information or passwords on Android devices

Google Chrome is planning to bring forward a separate information bar for highlighting specific Google accounts with the supported email addresses. This new feature aims to ease the life of those Chrome users who have multiple Google accounts and want to save their data in their desired ones. As soon as you allow Google to save the passwords of your accounts or any other information, a window will pop up for you, which will permit you to view whether you are maintaining the information right or not.

As reported by Chrome Story, this new update of Google Chrome will offer a bar that notes and makes the information visible to people related to their saving activities. So now, Google will update you about which account it is using to proceed with the function as soon as you tap on the save option. Google Chrome intends to make everything simplified to ensure that its users have the best possible experience.

However, this new feature will get tested first through the Chrome flag. It is important to note here that the Chrome experimental flag includes all those features of Google that are new and not even marked as default on any of Chrome versions. Google intends to try this new feature initially on the Chrome Canary, which itself is the latest version of the browser.

To enable this feature, you only have to tap on the “display infobar” option that will prompt up different footers related to the save or update password, payment information, or contacts. Email addresses of your manageable Google accounts appear at the very bottom of the bar, as reported.

Google is yet working on the bugs to fix them for providing the users with the mental comfort of not saving the desired information in the specific account. Google plans to add footers for each function. So it will ease the process, displaying the Google accounts to which you are saving the information. It will let you counter check if you are processing right or not.

So if you are one of those users who have multiple accounts and usually get confused, this new feature of Chrome is solely for you. If you allow Chrome to save your information, you have to initially set the email addresses of all of your Google accounts as a default on Chrome.

This update will offer you an information bar, indicating which account Google is using to save your information. Furthermore, this feature will only be available to Android users for now. Google Chrome has not tested updating this feature for iOS users.

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