A Newest study suggests that only 0.4% of the 36 million channels analyzed are most likely to get desired views and subscribers

YouTube is a source of living for many. Most of the content creators earn only from YouTube. So far people have been extremely successful in earning from the Google-owned platform and no observations have been made which shows that is hard to earn from YouTube.

An analysis has been done of 36 million YouTube channels and the data has shown many hidden secrets about the YouTube content creators and the reason behind their success.

This survey was held out by researchers from Barcelona, Amsterdam, and the Queensland University of Technology in Australia and this research will be published in a peer-reviewed journal on Monday and this research will unveil insights about the YouTube community and the reason behind their success and failure.

One of the researchers from Barcelona stated that it was their first time handling large-scale quantitative data and he said that they were able to see empirical evidence.

The researchers analyzed around 36.3 million YouTube channels out of which 4.4 million channels had subscribers above 1000 which made them eligible for getting monitored by YouTube.

0.42% of the selected accounts had more than 100000 subscribers and these channels account for less than 10 videos and get views from almost 62% of the YouTube users, but these YouTubers might have posted around 940 videos in past as compared to people who have less than 1000 subscribers as they only post around 26 videos.

YouTubers with more than a million subscribers are a part of an exclusive community even though only 15496 of the 36 million channels survey have these many subscribers yet they have views from more than a third of YouTube users. These YouTubers earn an average income and some YouTubers rely on platforms like Patreon to boost their income as the income from YouTube is not enough to make a living.

This analysis also stated that an average YouTube channel has been running for more than 2000 days. And also gives an idea of how YouTube is changing as the days pass, and the demand for content creators is increasing every day.

YouTube has changed a lot over the years. During the 2000s an average video was not more than 5 minutes and by 2014 the duration of an average video was around 10 minutes and by 2020 the duration increased to 13 minutes. This is also an example of the professionalization of YouTube as its aim before was to Broadcast Yourself but it increased the platform for music videos and Tv shows.

YouTube also has become a full-time job for many content creators and their only source of income is YouTube.

The researchers even studied 138 million videos posted by YouTubers with more than a million subscribers and found that websites like Patreon which pay content creators' fans for subsidizing their existence every month have been mentioned a lot of times in the past 5 years. And more than half a million Patreon links are related to videos on YouTube.

As per the researchers, all the content creators are committed to their work, and yet they cannot earn a living. They even stated that YouTube is an audio-visual industry for the content creators just like what Uber is for cab drivers.

The researchers advise content creators that if they want to earn more through YouTube they should start producing music or content related to gaming as channels with this type of content have more than 2.1 million views. Gaming videos posted by elite YouTubers have almost a million views. However, gaming videos are really difficult to create and are not worth the money earned. Researchers believe that the money earned by gamers is even lower than what an average content creator earns. The researchers don't exactly know which category is the user's favorite but according to them the users just want entertainment no matter what the content is.

Photo: Anatoliy Sizov via Getty Images

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