A report suggests TikTok got a rapid increase of users from Norway, the UK and Germany

TikTok has gotten really popular amongst teenagers. It has nearly 690 million active users worldwide. In just three years of the launch of this app, it has a network of almost half of the total of Facebook.

17 million people in Britain use TikTok daily. As per a report, people are spending almost an hour on this app daily and are visiting this app almost 13 times in one day. People believe that soon TikTok will also overcome Facebook which has 37 million users in the UK and 20 million users of TikTok.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors people do not have many activities left, and the only source of entertainment for people is in social media. Only at the beginning of this year, 10 million new people started using TikTok in U.K and gradually this figure is increasing every day.

Many countries are even against TikTok. Recently the USA president threatened to ban TikTok even though the US population was very fond of this app, and they were completely against the banning of this app, but Donald Trump U.S President is finding reasons to ban this app. Trump even ordered TikTok to make a partnership with them and remove China from it as it is promising national security. A final decision has not been made yet.

Recently, India also banned TikTok because of its inappropriate content. But even after that TikTok is growing rapidly. People like TikTok as it provides them with short videos and keeps people entertained for a longer time. TikTok recently is a competitor for Facebook's Instagram and YouTube.

Except for these two countries the entire world is supporting TikTok. The U.K has no issues with the Chinese owner ByteDance. Recent report showed the number of TikTok users in each county. The results are as follows

A total of 1.2 million people use TikTok in Norway and each user spends an average of 72 minutes a day on this app. Apart from that TikTok has 11 million users from France, 8.8 million users in Spain and 10.7 million users in Germany. Almost all of these users spend an hour scrolling through TikTok every day. Around 10 million people use TikTok in Italy out of which 30% of the users lie between the age of 18-24. The report also showed that the majority of TikTok users are females.

CEO of Takumi Keane-Dawson stated that the reason behind the growth of TikTok is that people these days do not like watching Tv and the coronavirus has bored them that is why they use TikTok for entertainment.

TikTok declared that they have 100 million active users from entire Europe and U.K. Most of the TikTok users are above the age of 18. TikTok now is in a competition against Facebook which has a total of 2.7 billion users.

Photo: Sheldon Cooper/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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