Facebook announces new messenger update which makes it unique from other messaging apps

On 13 October, Facebook officially announced a unique logo and an update for Messenger. Most of the upcoming new features were already announced with the integration of Instagram Direct and Messenger connection.

This new Messenger update has many different features which no messaging application will have. Some of the new features include customizable emoji response bar, collaborative video viewing, Rooms for combined video chat, colour gradients in the theme and personalized stickers these features are all available in Messengers new update.

The most important part of this new update is the unique Messenger logo which is two coloured and represents the future of messaging and a fun place for the users it also tells people that you are close to people who live far away from you.

For the past few years, the Messenger logo was only blue which was quite boring and to make it a fun place for people this new update upgraded the logo as well and made it as per the taste of people.

The new update also includes updated chat themes like tie-dye and love the users can also customise the theme as per their taste.

A Facebook spokesperson said that around 10 million people customize their themes every day and set it as per choice and Facebook made this easier for the users to change the themes with this new update.

This is not it, many new features like selfie stickers and vanish mode are also launching soon to make Messenger a fun app for the users.

All together all these new features of messenger have blessed the users during the pandemic and these features are enough for the users this new update is the moment to reflect instead of a shift as all the updates are benefitting the users.

Before the year 2020, not much attention was paid to Messenger but when the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg saw the increase in the number of video calls through messenger they launched this new features to help people during coronavirus pandemic. Facebook is also thinking to combine all the messaging tools and add the end to end encryption in the chats

Adding these two features might result in opposition from the users specially after the recent research which shows that Facebook is the most powerful source in the market. People believe that if Facebook changes the privacy settings the company won't be able to merge the functions and might face many other problems but an overall Facebook messenger has changed a lot and is not the regular messaging app.

Even after all the updates marketers still can't advertise their products on Messenger as they've doing it on other platforms, we hope Facebook will adopt its adverting strategy on Messenger as well.

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