YouTube introduced the dark mode for web to help the users get customized themes as per their browser and device settings

Years back different apps started providing themes to the users and most users wanted to have a dark mode for all the applications. When almost every app had the option of dark theme users started requesting YouTube to also add this feature. YouTube is one of the most used video search engine so it was important for YouTube to listen to the demands of its users.

Although YouTube launched this feature back in 2017 not many people knew about this as the only way to enable it was by manually doing on and off and as YouTube didn't announce anything publicly users were extremely confused and since almost all the popular apps started providing customized themes, YouTube also decided to do the same and won the hearts of people.

YouTube's Dark theme allows users to reduce their screen's glare and watch YouTube videos with a dark background. Users can enable this feature by clicking on their profile picture their they will get an option to enable the dark theme. Users can turn it off by the slider.

YouTube's new feature is finally available for all types of Android and Apple users. This feature is now also available for YouTube's mobile app and desktop web even for non-logged in users.

YouTube replaced the old theme feature with three new and unique options from which they can change the theme of the website as per their browsers. And this new feature could be very useful if the user's browsers have a time-based dark theme option.

Before making this new feature public YouTube tested it thoroughly on multiple browsers and fortunately, it worked for all the browsers and now this feature is live for everyone. Users can have access to it by changing their appearance settings.

This new feature also has many benefits like watching videos with the dark theme will give the cinematic feeling. It also helps you to focus more on the content of the video instead of the controls of the video. Overall this feature is really useful for YouTube users.

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