DuckDuckGo launches new map feature powered by Apples MapKit JS framework, Which ensure the privacy of the users

Technology has really changed this world. Every day we hear about new things new discoveries and many more but there is one thing for sure that all these advancements are making our days better and easier. One of the latest technology is Maps which helps us to travel to any part of the world.

On 9 October 2020 DuckDuckGo has officially announced the launch of mapping features which will be sponsored by Apples and it will provide the users with both Walking directions and driving directions. This really impressed the users as they wanted a better privacy-focused version of the maps and DuckDuckGo gave them one which was not much risky.

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine and its main goal is to provide a safe environment to the users and it focuses on protecting the privacy of the users. It is very different from other search engines as it emphasis more on security and doesn't show random ads and popups, as people would want to concentrate more on driving while using the maps, and the notification and advertisements might distract them which may result in an accident. It also shows the same search results when the users search for anything.

It is not the first time that DuckDuckGo has launched map feature this feature has been here for year's but it's working on expanding this app and in a recent update, it launched driving and walking feature and soon will be providing with many new and exciting things. DuckDuckGo's new map feature has been powered by Apple's MapKit JS framework. This new feature is really useful for the users as it will be super easy for them to travel at any part of the world without having a fear of getting lost. The best part about this feature is that it will not show any types of website popups, it will not show annoying websites and will not even track our data as most of the websites track our data and sell it to people but this feature ensures that your privacy won't be risked.

For the purpose of providing a safe and secured environment to the users, DuckDuckGo used Apple's map software as Google didn't have a promising software which ensured the security of the users. Apple has worked very hard in providing secured software and to present itself as a company which cares about the user's privacy. This is the reason why many people prefer Apple over Google and Android. Similarly, DuckDuckGo also preferred apple as it is promising and it even ensured the users that no matter, whatever happens, it will not risk the privacy of its users.
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