Lightweight Gmail Go App Rolls Out to All Android Users (Update: Gmail Go is just for Android Go)

Update: Google informed media outlets that it has restricted the Gmail Go app to smartphones running Android Go operating system only, which means other users won't be able to access/install the app on their devices.

The trend of lightweight apps that are going to help users utilize a service that they are interested in without clogging up their phone with heavy file sizes is still ongoing, and the latest entrant into this trend happens to be Gmail. The most popular email client in the world is now available on an app called Gmail Go, and this app has cut out a lot of the clutter that initially made the original Gmail app such a heavy app that would be impossible to run on lower end phones that might not have all that much memory or processing power available to make use of.

Google has been creating a lot of Go apps that are lightweight for users that don’t have flagship, top of the line or otherwise high end phones. The Gmail Go app also has a change that many users are going to be quite happy about, and this is that it doesn’t have a Meet tab. Many users have criticized the Meet tab for being unnecessary, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that most users tend to use Gmail solely for the purposes of sending and receiving emails and the Meet tab was a redundant feature that they didn’t want to use which just made the overall app far heavier than it needed to be.

While initially Gmail Go was only available to users that were making use of the lightweight Android Go operating system, Google will be rolling this lightweight app out for all Android users now. This is going to make it quite widely available, and the fact of the matter is that many users might just prefer the lighter app simply as a result of the fact that they don’t like the heavier version even if they have good phones.
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