Apple Gets First Place in Top Global Brands List

A lot of people often end up commenting on the fact that Apple users are often completely unwilling to even consider the concept that they might want to switch to another brand. Some might say that this is the result of some kind of obstinacy but others would argue that the truth of the situation is that Apple is just a really good brand that provides top notch products and has a level of customer service that is more or less unsurpassed so that the average Apple fan does not see any need to switch to a different brand when they are getting such an excellent level of service from the brand that they are currently so loyal to.

The Interbrand Global Best Brands List for 2020 was just released, and Apple managed to get first place on this list. The brand value for this company has reached $323 billion which is a pretty huge but is actually a relatively small portion of the company’s over $2 trillion dollar valuation. This is still an impressive number, with a year on year growth rate of about 38%, but a few other companies have managed to perform in an even more impressive manner in this regard.

Amazon is the best performer if you look at how its brand value has grown. The ecommerce platform has ended up increasing the value of its brand by about 60%, reaching a total value of about $200 billion. This isn’t quite as high as the value that Apple has managed to attain, but with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that with a growth rate like this chances are that the company could very well surpass Apple’s brand value quite soon. This would be a huge change in the industry as Amazon has had trouble with its brand due to the reason that it does not pay its workers enough according to some people, so if it resolves these issues Amazon might just end up growing at a massive rate in terms of brand value.

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