Apple’s fiscal fourth-quarter earnings closing in September reveal a major boost in revenue owing mostly to the Mac and its services

Apple has recently announced its financial results for its fiscal earnings in the fourth quarter of 2020 which ended on 26th September 2020. The total revenue that has been generated so far by the company is reported to be around $64.7 billion. Mac and its services proved to be the major contributor for this remarkable revenue generation, with earnings per share of $0.73 in a quarter.

When the world was hit by the major coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, due to the global lockdowns and social distancing measures, educational institutes and offices had to be shut down and the students were urged to study from home, while people were encouraged to continue their jobs through working from home. This trend soon became the ‘new normal’ of our world, and Apple’s products, especially its revamped Mac and iPad lines proved to be a major ‘life-saver’ for all these students studying and people working from home.

We have now entered the fourth quarter of this year, and the pandemic still continues. Apple’s products and services are still proving to be extremely helpful and resourceful for millions of people in the world. In the previous quarter, Mac alone made up to $9 billion in sales. On the other hand, the iPad also saw some major upgrades which resulted in a 46% increase in sales as compared to the same period in 2019.

This report looks at the fiscal revenue and earnings of the company up till 26th September 2020. So, it does not include the revenue generated from the recently launched iPhone 12 and 12 Pro series. But it includes the early sales of the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. Both the lines were launched by Apple in September.

The sales and revenue reports from iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will come in November. Owing to the uncertain macro atmosphere due to the coronavirus pandemic, Apple has stopped providing predictive analysis and guidance of the revenue generation and sales for most of its products and services. So, we do not know how the latest iPhone line will do in the terms of business for the company. But looking at the track record of Apple, it does not seem unlikely that we will be receiving mind-blowing reports about revenue and sales boost in November!

The services division has generated around $14.5 billion in revenue this quarter, and this is going to boost more because of the upcoming ‘Apple One’ bundle launch. Apple One is a group of subscription-based services like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, and iCloud Storage. This entire bundle of subscription-based services is supposed to launch on 30th October. This service will charge people around $14.95 per month for an individual plan, and $19.95 for a family plan.

Mac computers that are coming in November too are likely to improve Apple’s business and profits more.

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