AFP launches a fact-checking initiative with TikTok to curb misinformation

It is very easy for any type of trolls and misinforms to come on the platform of social media, where they can attract large number of user base and here the platform which is under discussion is TikTok the short-video app.

According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), which is one of the leading global news agency announced on 1st October, 2020 that they have launched a new fact checking program with TikTok which would be mainly focused on to combat against the widespread of misinformed and deceptive content off from the platform of TikTok.

The aim to design this program is to make rules regarding what type of content can be allowed and not allowed on TikTok, so that manipulated content can be banned from it.

As per the agreement of AFP with TikTok, the fact-checking team of AFP will have the ability to search and fact-check potentially deceptive and misleading videos that are posted on the platform of TikTok in the countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand.

TikTok is basically more famous among the teenagers around the world and the content used in this short-video app became the host to a wide range of misleading and false content. The thing which make this whole scenario even worse is that the targeted demography is of teenagers which are more vulnerable to the misinformation.

With the help of this initiative TikTok would not only be able to counter the spread of false and deceptive material by eradicating such content from the app and further notify its user about such misleading facts.

AFP's Global News Director, Phil Chetwynd said, AFP is pleased to be leveraging our global fact-checking knowledge for this thrilling project with TikTok, it is a major editorial importance for AFP to involve younger audiences on social media through fact-based journalism. And the deal will also allow AFP journalists to better cover and track deceptive trends on both our wires and our professional fact-checking site

Earlier on social media platforms ample amount of concern was regarding content on U.S own companies like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter but as known by all a Chinese firm owns Tiktok which had different criteria for censorship, privacy and national security issues.

For the content to have no false and misleading fact, AFP holds full editorial freedom in verifying the TikTok content. In addition, TikTok, also releases Transparency Reports and lately added a new Transparency webpage with information for lawmakers and users.

TikTok Director of Trust and Safety, Asia Pacific, Arjun Narayan said, At TikTok, we actively work to create a safe and supportive environment for our users, we’ll continue to keep misleading content and accounts off our platform through our latest Fact-Checking Program.

AFP at present is working along with Facebook's fact-checking program, that have 90 journalists working in 16 languages and they are covering 80 countries.

AFP launches a fact-checking initiative with TikTok to curb misinformation

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