TikTok Sees Massive Sponsored Content Boom Despite Industry Wide Downturn

Sponsored content has historically been a big earner for pretty much any social media platform, and creators and influencers on those platforms also end up earning a lot through these opportunities as well. However, the recent global crisis has resulted in a widespread economic downturn, and part of this is that pretty much every social media or content platform from Instagram to YouTube saw a decrease in sponsored content.

According a report published by Traackr, Twitter was the worst hit in the active influencers and sponsored posts category, seeing a 43% and 65% decrease, but did far better than Instagram and YouTube in terms of engagement seeing just a 6% decrease. YouTube managed to whether the storm with relatively small decreases of 16%, 17% and 20% in influencers, content and engagement respectively, though its decrease in the engagement department was significantly higher than that of Twitter’s.

Instagram on the other hand was quite badly hit on all fronts, seeing a 29% decrease in active influencers, a 33% decrease in sponsored posts and a massive 40% decrease in engagements. While Twitter did worse in terms of influencers and content, Instagram still suffered quite a loss and its huge drop in engagement is definitely something that would have the social media platform a little worried.

One massive surprise is that one company managed to not only avoid a decrease in sponsored content and influencers, it managed to see a huge increase. This company is TikTok, and the social media platform saw incredible increases of 368%, 95% and 298% in influencers, content and engagement respectively. Now, this isn’t quite the same since TikTok is a very new social media platform and its quite hot right now so many would be trying it out for the first time, it also reflects TikTok’s stature in the internet community. TikTok manages to provide a lot of engagement, so it is no surprise that both brands and influencers would be turning to it and away from other platforms.

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