Sixty-four percent of Americans households aim to invest in smart home products - within 12 months

Security research company conducted a survey to find out homemakers' view on smart home technology. The aim of their research was to find out whether the selected participants owned a smart home system, their experience with it, and whether or not they planned to purchase more products in the next 12 months.

Their report shows that within the next year, more than 80 million US households or 64% of the participants intend to purchase a new type of smart home device.

When it came to the type of smart home device, video entertainment gadgets garnered the most vote. According to the report, Americans enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows via smart TVs and added components such as Chrome cast, Amazon Fire Stick, and smart speakers. Majority of the respondents also said that they would recommend these devices to a friend.

Smart home gadgets are found to more popular with millennials and Gen Xers. They own the most smart TV/plug-ins (70%), smart speakers (47%), and smart health and fitness devices (28%). over half of the survey participants planned to invest in more technology within the next six months as well.

Of course, not everyone is a fan of smart home technology. A group of people said that it is an unnecessary addition and too expensive for many. Some people also had privacy concerns – and we surely can’t blame them, given the insecurity that surrounds technology.

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