YouTube help team issues a clarification about an email update sent to creators about the YouTube Partner Program Application

A while ago, in its Creator Studio Classic, YouTube started a YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and allowed creators to start an application process through which they could become a part of this partner program if they met the eligibility criteria set by YouTube. This process required the creators to pre-sign YPP terms of the agreement. However, in the previous months, YouTube redesigned the application process for YPP in the new YouTube Studio. The eligibility criteria also got slightly tweaked and clearer than before, and the entire process was made simpler and easier. But due to the changes, the pre-signing clause by the creators also changed.

To inform creators about these changes and new requirements, YouTube sent emails to all those creators who had begun the YPP application process in Creator Studio Classic and had pre-signed the YPP agreement. However, they could not meet the eligibility criteria and could never join the program. So, the email was sent to these people to let them know that if their channel does not become eligible for YPP in the next one month, YouTube will void the pre-signed terms.

Now, that gave rise to confusion in the minds of a lot of people, so, YouTube Team Help had to issue a clarification in a post.

As per the clarification post, YouTube has not changed the YPP application process. The email was just to notify creators that they will have to sign the YPP agreement again once they become eligible. Once a channel reaches the eligibility thresholds, if the creator wants to apply, they can do so through some easy steps and a few clicks. Nothing else in the application process has changed so there is no need for anyone to feel any confusion.

However, in the comments section under this post, users started showing that they ‘agree’ to these terms, so, YouTube Team help had to make a further clarification that nobody has to take any action to the email as well as to the post! It was just meant to make people understand that nothing is changing for their channel or their application process once they become eligible to become a part of YPP. And all of this is just a single time cleaning up of the terms of the agreement that were presented in the Creator Studio Classic a few years ago.

And it does not change anything for the creators on YouTube in the present time. They can still apply for YPP after becoming eligible, and they can continue checking their progress on the monetization tab in YouTube Studio, even without pre-signing the terms of the agreement.

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