Twitter is working on multiple security keys option for account authentication and verification

Recently, the Twitter accounts of some high-profile politicians and businessmen were hacked. So, after this incident, as per the report of famous reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter seems to be working on bringing more security to your account by introducing multiple security keys. Wong unveils many features in apps that the developers are found to be working on, and the discovery of multi-key authentication for Twitter accounts means that our accounts will become more secure in the future.

Jane has posted a screenshot along with her tweet that shows the multiple options to secure your accounts by a security key, an authentication app, and an SMS option. Another option will allow you to add another key along with some backup codes.

This feature is in the testing phase and it is not known when it will be available for the users. However, the sooner, the better, because the threat of accounts getting hacked is always there.

Last year also, a threat caused a phone number, authenticating a Twitter account get compromised. Twitter changed its security settings and introduced the two-factor authentication method, without making your phone number available to the service. Authentication through different apps is currently considered as a more secure option, especially for Twitter service. Therefore, when Twitter tweaked its security settings, it was quite a welcome change, because authentication apps render phone numbers useless, and since they do not expose these numbers, so, they are also a means of keeping user’s personal information more secure.

You can delete your phone number from your Twitter account very easily too, however, if you delete your number without setting up an alternative two-factor authentication method, your security system will turn off. So, you have to be sure to set up an authentication method through the app before deleting your phone number.

The case of Jack Dorsey’s account in 2019 whose number got compromised was due to security oversight by the mobile providers. According to Twitter, it allowed unauthorized people to send tweets through a text message from the phone number.

An internal investigation about this case is still going on. But incidents like these are enough to let everyone know that even in the era of such technological advancement, the threat of getting your accounts hacked is still there, in fact, it has also advanced with time.

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