Another Facebook Employee Quits Citing Facebook’s Profiting Off Hate Speech

Facebook has been coming under fire for its questionable policies for years now, but in May of this year something changed. What happened in May was that Facebook employees started quitting because of the fact that they felt like it was unconscionable for them to work for a company that had policies like Facebook. This was brought about when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to leave up a post from American president Donald Trump that most social media platforms removed citing hate speech and incitement of violence.

An engineer by the name of Ashok Chandwaney has also quit recently, publishing a post on the platform that stated that he no longer felt it possible to work for an organization that profited off of hate. That is a direct quote from his post and it reflects the kind of mindset that Facebook employees currently have. Zuckerberg has been constantly criticized for this, but apparently even a mass exodus of his employees isn’t enough to break the CEO’s fortitude in this matter.

Chandwaney has stated in his post that Facebook’s inability to deal with posts on the platform that incite violence and get a lot of traction is impossible to justify because of the fact that getting rid of these posts would be quite easy as content moderation is regularly done in order to make sure that the platform remains safe for everyone on it.

Whether or not Chandwaney is alleging that Zuckerberg is leaving these posts up with some malicious intent in mind remains to be seen, but the fact of the matter is that Facebook employees are not happy and this might just be the most visible example of an employee quitting as so previous resignation came with a public post about Facebook’s policies. This might have an impact on Facebook’s decisions as it might spur other employees to follow suit.

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