Twitter has officially rebranded ‘Retweets with comment’, introduced ‘Quote Tweets’ instead for all users

Twitter has been testing a way to change its ‘Retweet with comment’ feature for a much precise and better name. Recently, it came up with ‘Quotes’ and now, it has officially launched the rebranded name ‘Quote Tweets’ in the place of ‘Retweets with comment.’

Before this official launch, Quotes were thought to be just like any other regular retweet. But now that they have been given a dedicated section in the tweet details under a tweet, it has become apparent that they are different from regular retweets.

When a tweet is forwarded as it is, it is called a Retweet. When someone comments along with retweeting, that was ‘Retweets with comment.’ ‘Quote Tweets’ is essentially the same as ‘Retweets with comment’ in functionality, and allows tweets to be shared with text, GIFs, photos, and even videos.

Under a tweet, there are several features available which include ‘Retweets, ‘Quote Tweets,’ and ‘Likes.’ Retweets and Likes are counters which give a numeric value and tells the users about the reach and popularity of the original tweet. Quote Tweets gives access to all the retweets, comments, and replies to that original tweet.

According to the Twitter Support Team, Tweets about a Tweet add more detail and value to a conversation, and now, the company has made it also easily available to see.

This feature certainly adds more detail to a conversation, and it brings more people to engage and exchange their views, express their pleasure, or displeasure more eloquently.

Twitter has been bringing different features to its forum for a while now, and recently, there was news of adding some details about a person who sends you a DM, so that you can see if and how you may be connected to that person. While the feature sounds quite amazing and beneficial, some people expressed concerns over users being able to send harassing messages or unacceptable content through Direct Messages, as they will be blocked to do so in comments under a tweet as per Twitter’s policies.

Now with this ‘Quote Tweets’ feature, there is a mild concern too, that people may use GIFs or videos that may contain objectionable content that may pass through Twitter’s content moderation and checking.

Other than this concern, rest everything looks good with this rebranded feature. It is now widely available for all users with the latest version of the Twitter app on both iOS and Android.

Photo: Fabian Sommer/picture alliance via Getty Images

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