Samsung Just Made a Significant Memory Chip Breakthrough

If there is one thing that Samsung has managed to surpass its competitors in, it’s memory chips. The South Korean tech giant has made a lot of progress in advancing RAM technology and this has what has allowed smartphones to be as powerful as they are now while at the same time being quite thin and compact. However, there is usually a limit to how advanced technology can get before it hits some kind of barrier, and usually a significant technological breakthrough needs to be made before this barrier can be surpassed thereby giving a lot more space for technology to potentially end up growing.

Samsung has managed to make such a breakthrough by using a technique known as extreme ultraviolet lithography for the first time. This technique is very precise, and it etches silicon using lasers and chemicals that are sensitive to light. This makes the new 16 gigabit RAM chips that Samsung is producing both faster as well as thinner than any RAM that has previously been created. This allows phones to become a great deal more powerful, and it is highly likely that Samsung is also going to start looking into making its phones thinner as well since this was also something that had become fairly difficult due to limitations in technology.

This breakthrough isn’t just going to benefit Samsung, it will also benefit the tech industry as a whole. Many other manufacturers and tech giants are going to end up using these RAM chips. Samsung will profit greatly from this sort of thing but at the same time phones might just become more powerful across the board while at the same time becoming a great deal more compact and portable. We might see a shift away from the trend of massive “phablet” style phones and instead see a return to more compact variants from a few years ago that fit more easily into one’s hand.

Photo: Smith Collection /Gado/ Getty

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