Good news for Facebook users in Europe now they can use the social network without having a fear of their data getting leaked

Facebook has become a primary source of connection amongst people. Users all around the world are connected to each other through Facebook, but nowadays people think that their privacy as at risk when they use Facebook.

Recent reports show that Facebook sends all of its users data to the USA. After people got to know about this they started to ban Facebook, and soon the European Union decided to take any action on it. They sent a preliminary order to Facebook and demanded them to return all the user data as they were concerned about the inspections which are held by the US government. EU does not want their information goes out of their respective territory. Through this order, the EU asked Facebook to keep the information on European users in Europe only. It asked them to make new privacy policies for the users in Europe and restricted them to not share the data of its users amongst the states.

In response to the preliminary order, Facebook stated that in order to make a new privacy policy they will have to invest a lot, and they decided to stop the services of Facebook in Europe. And as apps like Whatsapp and Instagram are also from Facebook they would also be banned.

A total 0f 410 million people in entire Europe use Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp if they stop the use of these apps in the owners of Facebook will face a great monetary loss. Hence the owners of these Apps will be forced to open their data centers in Europe. Even though it will be really expensive for them but setting up the centers in Europe will benefit them in long term.

After realizing the consequences that Facebook might face, Facebook owners decided to fulfil the demands of the EU. The company even said that a good amount of their revenue is generated through Europe and they cannot risk it banning its use in Europe. The data protection commissioner announced a ban on EU to US data transfer, and until now Facebook has been providing its services to the people of Europe without transferring their data to the US.

Facebook believes that even if they succeed to open their data centers in Europe, EU will not be able to safe the data of its users from the Washington intelligence agencies, as the European unit of Facebook, is in Ireland. Recent information shows that different types of businesses and organizations depend upon the data transferred between EU to the US and if they implement a ban on this all these services will be forced to stop.

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