iPhone 11's Varying Prices across the Globe

While iPhone 11 is touted for costing less than iPhone X in the US, it seems as if this isn’t the case in many other countries. The iPhone 11 costs more in various countries across the globe than it does in America.

If you are talking about an iPhone 11 loaded with 64GB memory while lacking contract, trade-in, or sim-lock, its price in the US will be around $750, not accounting for the local and state sales tax. However, when you move to the other side of the world and land in India, you will observe the iPhone 11 being valued at a whopping $900. Moreover, iPhone11 Pro with a memory of 64GB will cost an Indian customer 29% more than it would in the US.

One of the main reasons why the iPhone costs more in foreign countries can be attributed to the low US sales tax. Since the sales tax in Japan is almost the same as that in the USA, the price of an iPhone is about the same in both countries (with just 1 percent variation).

As for India, Apple doesn’t have a manufacturing hub in the country. Due to India nurturing its markets, Apple is required to pay import duty on its products. This boosts the prices of the products that a customer would come across in a store.

Moreover, the presence of factories of Chinese phone manufacturers such as Oppo and Xiaomi in India make it easier and cheaper for the Chinese phone brands to get their products in the market. Because of this, Apple’s market share is not much impressive (i.e. 3%).

Which Countries Pay the Most for the iPhone 11?
Chart: Statista.

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