These are the salaries of Facebook employees in key roles in the US

Business Insider recently reported the salaries of employees in certain key roles who work for Facebook, USA. These salaries are mentioned in visa applications which later get revealed in public by the US government. All the companies have to mention base salary packages in these visa applications when a worker is selected or appointed for a job. However, this data does not show the employee’s stock shares in the company. Also, as mentioned before, this data is collected through the applications of employees that have been recruited from a foreign country through their government visa applications. The salary of a local employee is hard to determine anyway. But both foreign and local employees are supposed to be paid the same wages, so an estimated educational guess can help reviewers with salary figures of all employees.

In the department of Data and engineering at Facebook, a Data scientist’s salary ranges from $110,659 to $216,331, a Software engineer’s wages are from $110,000 to $280,000, Data engineer’s salary can be from $110,000 to $195,424, Research scientist’s salary is from $135,000 to $250,527, an Engineering manager gets $171,000 to $280,000, a Technical program manager’s salary can range from $111,636 to $225,000, Production engineer’s salary is $110,000 to $221,597, an Engineering Director’s salary can range from $284,200 to $345,221.

The salary of Analytics lead can be up to $155,000, while a Product designer may get $105,000 to $199,355. A Front-end engineer gets $110,000 to 225,000, Product manager gets $110,000 to $240,000, a Security engineer may get $115,000 to $215,000.

In Hardware and networks department of Facebook, USA, the salary range for an ASIC & FPGA Engineer is from $145,000 to $205,00, an Electrical engineer gets $125,000 to $205,000, an Optical scientist gets $140,000 to $180,359, a Hardware engineer gets $155,000 to $208,192, a Network engineer may get anything from $78,499 to $180,000, and the Vice President for AR/VR partnerships make up to $425,000.

In Policy, content, research department, a Content strategist gets $115,000 to $180,000, a Copywriter makes up to $186,376, while a Policy programs manager gets $150,000. An SMB creative specialist makes up to $112,172, the Vice President of Global Affairs & Communications makes $655,500, and a UX researcher gets around $120,000 to $162,000.

In Business, management, and other departments, a Product marketing manager gets $110,779 to $205,680, a Finance manager makes up to $145,000 to $180,000, an HR business partner’s salary ranges from $153,000 to $220,500, a Business analyst gets $130,000 to $201,676, an Events manager makes around $143,343, while a Security analyst gets $145,089, and a Lead counsel earns up to $210,000.

Photo: Josh Edelson / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images

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