Soon, You Might Be Able to Link Your Business Instagram With Your WhatsApp

After having made some very lucrative acquisitions, Facebook has been working towards integrating a lot of its products and services. Part of this involved making certain features standard across the board, and giving users several different messaging options all of which would be owned by the social media giant. Now, however, we might be seeing some more concrete forms of integration that are going to be very different from anything else that you might have potentially considered looking into at the end of the day.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, reported seeing an option for WhatsApp integration being made available in Instagram app. While this feature has not been given a wider rollout just yet, it is understandable why the social media giant would want to experiment with this sort of thing. After all, WhatsApp has become integral to a lot of businesses. Many businesses take their orders through WhatsApp and they might soon start accepting payments through the messaging platform as well which is the sort of thing that could change the way they are able to interact with the people that are acquiring their products and services.

Similarly, Instagram can be useful for a number of different businesses that are out there. Most of the time these businesses have something or the other that they need to advertise and Instagram can be extremely useful for this sort of work. Integrating WhatsApp with Instagram for Business can be an excellent way to make it so that the needs of the business community can be met. Customers that see an Instagram post that interests them can then contact that business not just on Instagram but on WhatsApp as well. This does indicate that Facebook isn’t prioritizing improving Instagram’s own messaging service, but that isn’t too much of an issue if WhatsApp integration is provided.

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