The Password Manager Of Google Chrome Will Soon Allow You To Quickly Change Leaked Passwords

Google is currently working on a standard way to help users change their leaked passwords. Last week, TechTSP reported that Chrome 87 enabled support for a feature called Well Known Changed Password. Websites that use this feature will be able to make their ‘change password forms’ available in Password Manager of Google Chrome. In simple words, this feature will let users find a way to change their login credentials. Google Chrome’s Password Manager already includes a password check-up feature, and it will allow you to know if the password you are currently using has been already leaked.

The company has now added new experimental support for the ‘Support for .well-known/change-password’ feature in Chrome behind Chrome://flags. After you have enabled it, Google will allow you to change compromised passwords via Google Chrome’s built-in Password Manager. Password Manager is smart enough to prompt people to change their leaked passwords, but changing passwords on sites can sometimes be difficult for users. Users looking to change passwords often struggle to manually find the password setting page of a website. Chrome’s support for Well Known Change Password will help you to quickly change your online passwords.

If a website has configured a redirect from /.well-known/change-password path to its password setting page, Password Manager of Chrome will open the change password page of that website if the pathway is set up correctly. Google, WordPress, Facebook, GitHub, and Twitter supports .well-known/change-password redirect. For instance, Facebook []. On the other hand, if a site does not support this functionality, Google will direct users to the homepage of that website. With this feature, if Google detects that a password has been compromised, merely tapping on a button would take users to the right place to update the leaked password.

If you want to enable the Well Known Change Password flag, all you need is a Google Chrome Canary version, go to this page chrome://flags/#well-known-change-password and set it to enable. Lastly, re-launch the Chrome browser. The Safari browser of Apple supports the feature since last year, and Password Manager of Chrome will support the Well Known Change Password feature starting version 86. The feature will eventually come to other Chromium-based web browsers such as Microsoft Edge. On October 6 of this year, Chrome 86 will be released to a stable channel, and according to TechTSP, Firefox also considers this functionality worth implementing.

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