People Are Receiving Fake PayPal Donation Invoices For $35, The Payment Giant Acknowledged The Scams

It seems that PayPal, which is one of the largest online payment processing companies in the world, has a fraud problem. This weekend, several people reported receiving mysterious PayPal invoices for $35. A lot of people are wondering why they received a $35 PayPal invoice they were not expecting. It seems to be a scam of epic proportions. According to the screenshots users shared on social media, at first glance, these emails look like textbook phishing attempt.

The subject line of the email reads, ‘Invoice from Help those affected by the California wildfire,’ and there is a ‘View and Pay Invoice’ button in the email. The email actually comes from PayPal, and there is an email waiting for the user in their PayPal dashboard. Furthermore, the transfer is pending, even if the person never clicked that ‘View and Pay Invoice’ button.

Dana Wollman explained that it happened to her and that she was able to resolve the issue easily enough. eBay users also reported that that they got a PayPal message of a bogus $35 invoice awaiting payment. They had to cancel it.

On Twitter, a person tweeted a screenshot and asked why he received a $35 invoice from the WHO (World Health Organization). The Twitter user directed @PayPal and asked why he was being forced billed.

A PayPal spokesperson acknowledged the scams. The company’s spokesperson in a statement explained that they are aware of this. She added that PayPal believes it to be a common scheme leveraging the name of a brand. PayPal takes each instance of potential fraudulent schemes seriously, she explained. The company makes sure that the information of its customers is secure and has worked to remove incorrect invoices. The company’s representative also said that PayPal is employing a range of sophisticated proactive detection tools, and the company will take swift action to protect the accounts of its users if a situation does occur.

However, the spokesperson did not clarify what is included in the fraud detection tools of PayPal. If you have received such an email, disputing the transaction via PayPal might be the best solution. It is important to note that although PayPal is a company with a market cap of $239.5 billion, it doesn’t have 24/7 customer support. Moreover, PayPal’s Resolution Center is available on the web dashboard only, and not in the smartphone application.

Photo: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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