The automatic removal of OTPs from Google Messages delights Android users

We often get annoyed by the number of messages we receive daily. Most of these messages are the notification of any bank transaction or verifications from online services and social media apps. These extra messages annoy the public and reduce the memory of their phones. Often the users block the websites which send these type of messages and hence miss out on many important notifications.

In order to solve this issue, Google is testing an update which will automatically delete all unnecessary messages within 24 hours. Unfortunately, this new update is only for Android users.

This update was spotted by XDA in version 6.7.067 of the Google Messages which is a default app on some Android mobiles. All the messages which have codes with expiry and OTPs will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Sending and receiving OTPs has gotten really common these days. And it is very important for the public to receive OTPs for security reasons. As usually the Social media users accounts get hacked but the 2step verification code is sent to the user's mobile number if the user's block the number in order to not receive spam messages they will not know if someone will hack their account. Similarly often we get a message from our bank accounts when bank transactions are made so that no unknown person withdraws from our bank accounts. All these types of messages are called OTPs and they are sent to us for our safety. But daily getting these type of messages might affect our phone's memory hence this update was launched.

It's not such a big update but it still is very useful for people who have less GBs to spear, and do not have enough time for deleting the spam messages.

Android has always wanted to satisfy its users and give them a better experience, hence they bring new updates every time. Recently a new update was initiated in the notification panel of Android mobile in which all types of notifications will be managed under one app for the ease of the users. The deleting of OTP and messages were also launched to give a better experience to android users. So far all the Android users have been extremely satisfied with these new updates and no complaints have been filed.

Android even listens to the demands of its users like recently people demanded that they want an app from which they can categorise their messages on the basis of importance, and Android launched an app known as SMS organizer- clean, reminders, offers and backup.

This proofed that android really cares about its users, and it will do anything in order to satisfy its users.

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