Snap to monetize Mini – The app is planning the integration of ads for their recently launched feature

Snap is considering bringing ads to their Minis feature. For those who are not aware of Snapchat’s interface, the Mini is a collection of lightweight apps from third-party developers. With the help of Mini, the users can easily coordinate with their friends on Snapchat from the Chat section, without having to deal with switching apps.

The apps integrated into Mini include the Headspace meditation app, Atoms’ movie tickets, a flashcard app called Tembo that enhances group study and an app titled Turbovote that allows users to register for votes with their friends.

The Minis were launched earlier this year.

Snap introduced the ads featured to Snap Games just after they launched it last year. Here, the users are rewarded for watching ads and claiming extra weapons.

Similarly, the company is now looking for a monetization incentive for its Minis. In fact, Snap says that they have a strategy, synonymous with the one they have in Games for Mini. As of this writing, live tests with advertisers has not started but the company claims they are working on the protocol.

A representative from the company further said that they are going for quality over quantity when bringing additional ‘add-ons’ to the Minis. Instead, they are focusing on the user’s demand and products that resonate well with the community.

Creator of Tembo flashcard app said that he was approached by Snap to make a mini in April. He says that the partnership has yet been successful and he was amazed to see the extravagant number of people interacting with the Mini app since it became available in July.

He further says that since Snapchat has a primary young user base – it is the perfect platform to target students.

The Movie Tickets by Atom was introduced to the Mini in August – after theatres started reopening. However, the co-founder and chairman of Atom tickets said he was satisfied with the number of users landing on their Mini so far.

Snap is gradually working on ways for companies to integrate themselves within their app. In July, Snap rolled out brand profiles that enabled companies to display AR lenses, commerce stores, and other content.

The chief business officer at Snap said that their ultimate goal is to allow Snapchatters to naturally engage with businesses of all sizes through their platform.

The only challenge for marketers is learning the technical skills to develop the apps. However, most of them are keen on building new skillsets so they can take full advantage of the cool features offered by Snap.

However, Snap also needs to streamline the creation process and make it more user-friendly for marketers.

Reports show Snap to generate 454 million dollars in revenue in the second quarter – an increase of 17% since the previous year’s recording.

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