Senior TikTok Official Blames Increased Scrutiny for TikTok’s Woes

TikTok has become one of the hottest social media apps out there in a fairly short period of time. While this has lead to the app becoming extremely valuable, another thing that is making it seem a lot more visible is that it is being viewed with a lot of mistrust by a wide range of government authorities all of whom seem to think that TikTok’s practices are unsavory in some way, shape or form and pose some kind of a threat to the privacy and security of the data of average citizens.

While it is true that TikTok is responsible for some practices that might not be considered all that safe or privacy conscious by a lot of people, a senior TikTok executive has suggested that TikTok’s current woes are the result of a lot more scrutiny surrounding tech in general at this point in time. The executive in question is Mike Beckerman and he currently heads TikTok’s US public policy and as a result of the fact that this is the case he is commenting on the issue.

Beckerman has asserted that a lot of tech companies that TikTok is competing against were able to grow during the golden age of tech at a period in time where a boom had started occurring and this trend made it so that big tech companies were not really required to answer for anything they might have been doing for quite a long period of time.

This essentially means that Beckerman thinks that TikTok would not have faced such problems a few years ago, and the things it has been accused of doing are the kinds of things that other tech companies have been doing for ages and only now have they stopped. There is some truth to what Beckerman is saying, although this does not change the fact that TikTok is doing some things that need to change if it wants to stay viable.

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