Facebook’s New Platform for College Students is a Throwback to Its Origins

If anyone had watched Mark Zuckerberg’s statements in front of the Senate investigative panel, they would have seen the Facebook CEO consistently and repeatedly trying to draw as much attention as possible to the fact that he had created Facebook in his dorm room in college. The purpose at the time was to deflect from the purpose of the meeting but at the end of the day it is true. The truth of the situation is that Mark Zuckerberg initially did not have a very broad vision for Facebook as he was simply trying to create some kind of a social media platform that would be able to function as a way for kids in college to get to know one another.

Eventually Facebook grew way past this simple origin and eventually turned into what it is today. However, a recent new platform that Facebook has launched which is being referred to as Facebook Campus is going to be the sort of thing that would serve as a bit of throwback to what Facebook used to be all those years ago. While the platform is not going to be separate from Facebook, rather being located in the sidebar where you can access it while you are using the actual social media platform that is Facebook, it is important to note that not everyone will be able to join it.

In order to join the platform one must have a .edu email address. This is done so that there might be a little bit of proof with regards to who is actually joining the platform. The timing of this new platform is quite beneficial for Facebook since the Covid-19 pandemic has made it more obvious than ever before that online resources need to be improved so that students can enjoy an uninterrupted college experience.

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