TikTok, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram: These Are the Most Downloaded Non Gaming Apps of August 2020

Checking out the most downloaded apps in the world can tell us a lot about the tech industry in general. Not only does it tell us what consumers are interested in, it also highlights trends that are emerging in the industry in general. Just looking at the most downloaded non game apps in the month of August 2020 can show a lot about the direction in which the tech industry may be headed, as well as how the state of the world is influencing the apps that people eventually end up using.

When it comes to apps downloaded last month, TikTok has managed to reign supreme. The social media giant has created a lot of waves in the industry, and its position at the top of the downloads ranking table is something that is a testament to how popular the app still is. This also shows that the controversies surrounding TikTok are not having all that much of an impact on whether or not the app gets downloaded. What’s truly impressive is that TikTok has the top spot on both the App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

The second spot is a little different on each app store, though. Zoom got the second spot on both overall downloads as well as iOS downloads but was relegated to 5th place in the Play Store rankings with 2nd place going to Snack Video on that list instead. This shows how the current global climate is fueling app downloads.

Another thing to note is how influential the Apple App Store is. Overall rankings and iOS rankings are quite similar, although one thing to note is that Snapchat reached 9th place in overall rankings which is the same rank it has on the Play Store yet it failed to reach the top ten in iOS. This shows that Android users are getting more interested in Snapchat than iOS users.

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