YouTube is testing a new feature that will let you see the upcoming live content and premieres

YouTube is a very famous and widely used video streaming platform. While the Google-owned video hosting giant is constantly working around bringing changes and improvements to make the user experience better, there is some latest news that YouTube is beginning some tests which involve the addition of a whole new section in the subscriptions tab. This section will be dedicated to showing all the upcoming content, live streams, and premieres by your favorite channels and content creators.

This new section will be labeled as ‘Upcoming live and premieres’ and its testing will begin with a small number of users initially for the desktop version; YouTube will collect their feedback and will bring changes to the feature accordingly. At this moment, it seems that YouTube will choose people randomly for this test and anyone can be included. So, there is always a chance that you can become a part of this test too!

However, even if you do not get to take part in the testing process, you will most likely see this feature in the coming months. The new section of Upcoming live and premieres will show the content that is going to come up live, and it will be completely separated from the 'recently released' videos that you normally see in your feed. The purpose of this exclusive section is to give you insight about the soonest a live feed will be coming so that you can set reminders for these events by clicking on the bell icon, and you can experience the thrill and excitement that comes along with the anticipation.

The subscription tab currently displays sections that show the latest content. Some of these sections are labeled as ‘Today,’ ‘Continue Watching,’ ‘Unwatched,’ ‘Live,’ and ‘Posts.’ As the name suggests, the ‘Live’ section already shows the content being streamed live by the channels you have subscribed to. But this new section will give you insight beforehand into all the live sessions and events that the creators of these channels have planned to stream on their channels soon. This is certainly a beneficial tactic for the creators because it will raise their views and engagement.

It is just like Netflix, on which all the upcoming shows and movies are displayed in the ‘Coming Soon’ section. Although those are not live, the concept and ideology behind both services are quite similar- to give the user a heads up that something interesting is going to come soon, so they should be ready for it beforehand!

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