Pinterest to officially launch a new Story Pins format in Beta

This week, Pinterest has officially launched a new Story Pins format on the increased demand of its users. Pinterest is an content sharing and discovery network mostly in the form of images, videos, and GIFs.

Recently, Pinterest has announced its spin on the popular stories format. These Story Pins will help the users to combine multiple pages of images, videos, voice records, and GIFs. The company had made the announcement on September 23 about the launch of Story Pins and several other tools for the ease of their creators but a large number of different versions of this format have been in use from the past year.

David Temple, the head of content creator, told media outlets in an interview that the format of Pinterest is different from that of the Snapchat and Instagram stories in a few key ways. According to him, the story features on other platforms are showing that what the people are doing but the Story Pins in Pinterest is designed to show how the people are using various products and ideas.

Pinterest has dramatically different features than that of other Apps. Even the Story Pins launch yesterday has also the option of saving for later on use, and even the list of ingredients or necessary supplies can also be displayed on the screen but the older one has simple a like button.

According to David, this Story Pins also take the users toward more inspiration, and they always prefer to keep the tone of the content positive. Pinterest is only the platform where the content creator can publish their content directly rather than sharing they publish work at any other place.

Pinterest is also showing its new creator's profiles designed to show their creator’s publish content. A new engaging tab and a dashboard are created by them that will help the creator to see how Pinterest is responding to their content.

This launching of Story Pins by Pinterest broke all the records of the most downloaded app and take Pinterest to the top of App Store rankings just because of the iOS 14 design ideas. However, recent news showed that the employees are less happy and have very complaints regarding gender discrimination with the company.

The head content writer emphasizes that 50% of content creators that are publishing Story Pins are from backward areas and the same diversity is existing in the company so that can be the reason why employees feel gender discrimination.

Overall this launching of Story Pins format is not only beneficial for the content creator and users but also for the company as it will help the company to reach to top status among other companies within a limited time and also this change makes Pinterest the most downloaded app from the App Store.

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