Over 600K users downloaded Pinterest after the iOS 14 update which leads in breaking its previous records

Pinterest is an app with over 416 million users worldwide. This app was launched in December 2009, and over the years it has gradually seen success. Pinterest has been popular for providing people with unique and aesthetic content which they can use in their daily lives.

Since iOS 14 has been released the number of people who have downloaded Pinterest has increased by a huge amount, the new iOS features allow users to customize their phones screen and wallpaper as per their own taste. To find good and aesthetic stuff people started downloading Pinterest as it was the first time iOS allowed its users to customize their screens. They became so thrilled by the thought of it that they just wanted to update their phones, hence they downloaded Pinterest. Recently iPhone design inspirations have been one of the top boards on Pinterest.

On 21 September around 616K to 680K new people, globally, downloaded Pinterest, and the app broke its own previous download records in a week.

Pinterest has not yet confirmed this information yet but they say that they have seen an increased amount of searches in categories related to iOS, which indirectly proves that the download figures are true. A reporter states that they have always seen people searching for things like aesthetic bedrooms, aesthetic stories but they are also shocked by the fact that people are searching for different things this time.

Furthermore, the ratings of Pinterest has also immensely increased within a week. Last month Pinterest was on number 47 in the top best apps, and this month on 18 of September 2020 it was on number 17 and after 2 days it became one of the to top 5 apps. It even came on top 1 but not for too long.

Pinterest has always been on either number 1 or number 2 in the lifestyle category of the iPhone. pins like 'aesthetic wallpapers', 'Cool iPhone screens' and 'daily motivations' have been the top pins these days. The new iOS update has impressed almost everyone as it has fulfilled almost all the demands of its users, but some apple users have started using custom icon shortcuts users are doing it by hacking into the systems and many users are unhappy with this thing.

iOS 14 has not only benefitted Pinterest but many other widget making applications like widgetsmith and color widgets. Meanwhile, Pinterest is on top 5 these apps are also amongst the top 10 apps these days.

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