No, Instagram Isn't Going To Allow Live Links In The Captions In Return For Little Fees Any Time Soon

Back in 2016, Instagram’s parent company Facebook proposed and submitted a patent application that was based on charging users some amount to make their link appear as live in the captions. While the revelation about this has just been made by Mike Murphy in one of his weekly roundup of tech patents for Protocol, Instagram has denied any such news by stating that the company has no plans to let users add links to photo captions.

According to the patent that was previously submitted, users were first supposed to receive a pop-up whenever they wished to add a URL to the caption and then the owners were thinking about charging a $2 fee to make the link live.

The system was about to be built on a lot of automation in case if the application had been a success. The patent explained the working in such a way that the online system could have detected the text part of the caption along with a string of link text identifying an address and right after that, a pop-up was to appear to prompt the user to pay an additional $2 fee in exchange for making a link live.

There is no doubt in the fact that not having the ability to post a link in the caption of the post or story has been a long due complaint of the majority of Instagram users. Most of the people are bound to follow the “link in bio” route or if you are lucky and popular enough to have been verified by platform, only then you can add a link for free.

But as a spokesperson from Instagram has confirmed, there is no such feature coming to the platform any time soon.

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