Instagram seems to be working on creating fundraisers via fee posts

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app developer, has recently tweeted that Instagram is apparently working on a possibility to create fundraisers through feed posts.

He has shared a screenshot of the ‘New Post’ interface, which has different options and sections to ‘Tag People,’ and ‘Add location,’ and it also gives the users to choose to allow posting on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Now, however, it seems that Instagram is adding the section of ‘Create Fundraisers’ right there amongst all these other sections.

This looks a little confusing at the moment. Because the feature of creating a fundraiser through Instagram Stories is already available. In fact, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, when people were locked down and staying at home, many influencers and celebrities had started using the ‘create fundraiser’ feature during their live video streaming sessions too, and it was quite a successful venture because it was really helpful for most people who were going through a very tough time due to the pandemic.

Most of these fundraisers were created by different non-profit organizations to support small and medium-sized businesses that faced the major blow of economic crash down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It looks like now, with the ‘Create Fundraiser’ feature through feed posts is going to give a more boost and push to the already existing feature in Instagram Stories. It will also probably help to reach more people and engaging a wider audience too.

Only time will tell more about how this feature is going to be beneficial for people and especially for those businesses who are trying to get back on their feet now that the lockdowns are lifting from most places in the world. So far, there is just a speculation and until Instagram rolls the feature out officially, its exact functionality will remain a little ambiguous.

Instagram is great at providing people with opportunities to grow their businesses. It is a photo and video-sharing app, but its platform is widely used by brands and people for business purposes, and Instagram makes sure to keep providing a lot of better opportunities for everyone. From improved marketing tools to introducing other amazing features, Instagram has never shied before from benefitting people, and with this ‘Create Fundraiser’ feature also, it seems that it is not going to disappoint anyone.

Let us wait till more news comes about this new update.

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