Facebook Beefs Up Its Safety Features for Video Ads

Facebook has been focusing quite a bit on what kind of experience as well as benefits it can provide to people that might be looking into ways in which they can make the most of any kinds of ads that they may have been hoping to work on. Now video advertisers are going to be able to enjoy a lot more control over who the kind of impact their ads can eventually end up having, and there are two main features that are going to end up making something like this a lot more possible than it might have been before.

One of the main features that are going to help make things easier for most advertisers has to do with topic exclusion. This would give advertisers control over what topics their ads can be associated with. Oftentimes when an algorithm is automatically sorting ads by topic, there is a pretty decent chance that an advertiser might just end up seeing their ad somewhere or the other that they hadn’t initially wanted to have it be seen.

This could have a negative impact on how successful an ad campaign can be, and giving advertisers more control here is a pretty good move for Facebook since it will legitimize anything that the social media platform might be trying to do all in all. However, it should be noted that advertisers won’t be able to pick what topics their video ads would be sorted into, rather they’d have an exclusion list of topics they would not be sorted into.

Advertisers will now have more control over what publishers they want to work with as well. These are updates that would prove to be quite useful for the average advertiser. Facebook understands the importance of video ads, and the fact that the platform is trying to boost the effectiveness of these kinds of ads is definitely a very good sign.

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