LinkedIn is bringing three new features including My Company tab, Events tab, and view Page followers feature for Page Admins, globally

LinkedIn conducted a survey recently and found out that the coronavirus pandemic has brought more changes to the corporate world than it was imagined. Due to the general global lockdown situation, companies encourage their employees to work from home. Even though now lockdown has been lifted in many regions and countries, many companies are still observing the work-from-home trend. However, it has been noticed that people are feeling less connected to each other due to this trend. According to LinkedIn’s survey, 31% of employees have reported feeling less connected to their leaders, while 37% of employees have felt the lack of connectivity with their fellow teammates. 40% of employees say that they are missing the connection with their friends.

This trend will probably stay for a while until the pandemic is over, however, LinkedIn decided to add three new features to make these connections stronger and better than before while the challenges of the pandemic are still lingering. These features will strengthen the connection and bond between businesses and their communities.

These updated features will let the page admins connect the employees with the leaders and with each other while providing them information about any upcoming virtual events and give them a new insight about their followers.

The first update is ‘View Page Followers.’ This functionality was not present before and only an aggregate number and general demographics were given about the page followers. However, with this feature, you will be able to see every individual who follows your LinkedIn page, along with showing you whatever information is publicly available about those followers. Also, Pages will be able to sort out the followers based on their current company, industry, and location. As per LinkedIn, this feature will provide transparency and will allow people to understand in a better way about the connections they have and the organization can share more relevant content while building a solid, more connected LinkedIn community.

The second feature is the ‘My Company’ tab which is a specially designed space for employees of one company, who can engage with each other, celebrate accomplishments like promotions, and even though working remotely, they will feel more connected with each other through this feature by highlighting the milestones achieved by employees, trending content from coworkers, etc. Even recommendations to connect with people in your company whom you are not already in touch with will be given through this feature.

More interesting updates will come to this feature later and based on the company’s size.

The third update is the ‘Events’ tab within a company. Although virtual events are already held on LinkedIn, it is not easy to look for these events, and to make it more accessible, LinkedIn is adding this separate ‘Events’ tab.

This tab will automatically pull in a view of your page’s past, present, and upcoming events on LinkedIn. A virtual event does not necessarily have to be a full-fledge conference. It can be an individual panel, a small meeting, or a webinar.

These features are available worldwide for all pages.

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