Microsoft’s LinkedIn Is Developing A New Feature That Would Allow Users To Memorialize Profiles Of Deceased Individuals

LinkedIn is exploring how to allow relatives to keep accounts of deceased family members alive, and it seems that the company is now developing a new memorializing profile feature that would let accounts to remain, though make it clear that the owner of the profile is deceased.

Major social media platforms in the world have hundreds of millions of accounts, and they are increasingly grappling with how to handle digital legacies of deceased users. Most social media platforms have a policy of permanently deleting accounts from their platform when they are notified that the owner of an account has died. Usually, relatives need to provide proof such as a death certificate or an obituary link for the profile to be removed. However, many people want to hang on to those online accounts as a way to remember their loved ones.

Some social media platforms have introduced profile memorializing options, and Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is the latest platform to be developing a memorializing profile feature which would allow accounts to remain online, though make it clear that the person has died.

Back in 2015, Facebook rolled out a feature allowing users to designate someone to manage their Facebook account after death. The responsibilities of that person include moderating the tribute section and accepting friend requests on the social media platform. However, the legacy contact cannot see the messages of the deceased person or post as that person. People can also choose to have their Facebook account removed from the platform after they die.

In 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn and bills LinkedIn as the largest online professional network in the world. Now, LinkedIn is developing a memorializing option probably in response to extensive user requests. Although it is not clear how the platform will manage this feature, Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot on Twitter displaying that the profile will be marked as In remembrance with the aim of standing ‘as a tribute to user’s professional legacy.’

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