Google Tries to Make Android Tablets More Child Friendly With Kid’s Space

A common issue that a lot of tech companies have been facing recently have to do with the fact that children are being exposed to the internet, and the internet is essentially an unregulated landscape where all kinds of things exist. This means that kids need to be protected, and it’s fair to say that Google has been leading the charge in a lot of ways. This started with the introduction of kid friendly versions of Google’s properties such as YouTube, but now the search engine giant is taking things a step further by introducing a new mode "Kids Space" that would help make Android tablets a great deal more useful for children without exposing them to any of the dangers that the internet unavoidably has.

This is an interesting development because of the fact that it is moving away from the industry trend of creating tablets specifically designed for kids. Instead of taking the hardware route, Google decided to play to its strengths and take the software route. This is an important difference for one main reason, with this reason basically being that people won’t have to buy separate tablets for their kids, rather they can just modify their own Android tablet and make it so that their kids have a different version of it that they are using which is a lot more child friendly in a wide variety of ways.

Research has indicated that tablets are different from phones in that they are most often used as shared devices. Hence, it is simply not practical for parents to buy separate ones for their kids. This new Kids Space feature for Android tablets can make it so that tablet computers can continue fulfilling their normal function without requiring any other major changes and simultaneously protecting children from the more unseemly elements of the internet as well.

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