Porcelanosa floor tiles collection: Design and quality

Ceramics floor tiles offer an unlimited number of solutions in terms of design, regardless of the size or location inside or outside of a space. Along with the format options, finishes and decorations offered by ceramic tiles, the variety of colors of the ceramic pieces becomes a key tool to finish outlining the decorative style.

The diversity of colors and chromatic scales that we can find in the collections of Porcelanosa floor tiles makes it possible to make almost any color scheme a reality so that it works properly. In addition, ceramic has the advantage over other materials thanks to its durability and the ability to remain unaltered.

Porcelanosa was born in Spain more than 40 years ago and the group is present today in nearly 100 countries, thanks to a business model based on the diversification of its product. They began with the manufacture of tiles and currently their eight companies include in the catalog everything from kitchen or bathroom equipment to construction solutions.

PORCELANOSA is a benchmark in the manufacture of ceramic flooring, both for its advanced production techniques and for the quality and versatility of its designs. A leader in the dictates of new trends, its ceramic collections reveal a deep inspiration in natural materials, without renouncing the intrinsic properties and characteristics of ceramic.

Collections that reproduce the texture of cement, more versatile and easier to install than continuous flooring, which also include series with a high ecological value due to their high concentration of recycled materials.

Decorative and functional floor tiles

The main characteristic of the flooring is that it is a product with great versatility, good design and perfect finishes that make it an essential material in any space.

Tiles are very popular as their properties cannot be compared to other building materials. They can be installed in any type of space thanks to their versatility, durability and resistance. In addition, maintaining and cleaning the tiles is very easy and anyone can do it at home. A fundamental aspect of Porcelanosa tiles is that they have low porosity and are highly resistant to high temperatures, adverse weather and chemical products. In addition, they offer strong electrical and thermal insulation, a plus to add to this efficient material.

From a design point of view, the natural finishes, the arrangement, the discoloration, the great variety of sizes and the appearance of the tiles give added value to the floors of any room and to the decoration in general.

Pocelanosa's ceramic flooring collections adapt to any type of project and range from concrete finishes to build a more defined environment, large formats that recall natural stones and rocks, tiles that simulate wood and those that imitate cement or hydraulics.

By combining different models of flooring and playing with their arrangement, it includes a different touch in each finish of Porcelanosa tiles.

The best floor tiles

The best tiles are those that adapt to the conditions of the space, taking into account the quality and characteristic design of the ceramic. Actually, it depends on the decorative style of the space: you can opt for different models of flooring with stone, marble, wood or cement finishes to adapt the interior decoration of any room. Find the type you like best for your project in the Porcelanosa online store and get an idea of ​​how you could decorate your home with the Porcelanosa showroom room simulator.

Correct size of tiles

In Porcelanosa's online catalog, you will discover everything from standard-size tile collections to large-size tiles, which are the best alternative for rooms where there is a great sense of space and visual continuity.

Think that the size of tile you need to decorate a room will depend on the visual impact you want to achieve. In the event that you are looking for a dream that provides a minimalist and bright style, you can opt for models with polished finishes or light colors. In any case, if you are not sure about the tile size you need, you can always ask a Porcelanosa salesperson for advice on choosing.

Tiles quantity

Determining the amount of tiles you need to decorate the interior of a space is one of the most important things when you want to make a reform of the floor of your home. Porcelanosa wants to make it easier for you thanks to the calculator included in the description of each product in its online store. All you need is to type the width and height of the space to calculate the total m2 you need to reform.

Knowing these details you can place an order for the exact amount of tiles you need for your reform. Remember that the calculator shows you the exact number of tiles and 10% more margin to replace those tiles that may break during work or for future repairs.

Porcelanosa: a safe bet

Porcelanosa is always a safe bet when choosing materials for a home renovation. Its products are distributed in its online store, in its physical stores located all over the world and in the company's distributors of construction materials warehouses.

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