Is Bing Edging Past Google? New Toggle Test In Google Search Suggests Yes

Generally speaking whenever someone thinks of making an internet search then the most obvious service that comes to mind to make such a search would be Google. It’s safe to say that pretty much nobody out there would ever think of using Yahoo or, dare I say, Bing, right? Well, it appears that for the very first time Bing may have gotten somewhere first, so much so that it has potentially ended up forcing Google to play catch up in some way, shape or form.

The reason behind this is that Bing recently tested out a new feature that would allow you to open search results in a new tab. This is a feature that can obviously be toggled on or off based on your own preferences, and at the end of the day it seems like Google has noticed that something like this is coming to Bing because of the fact that the search giant has now started testing out their own version of this feature.

It is important to note that this is currently not being tested out on Chrome as far as most people noticed right now, since most of the sightings have been on Firefox. This does indicate that Bing might have beaten Google to something that users wanted, though, since Google is now implementing a version of this feature on their own platform.

It’s also somewhat possible that Google had been planning to do something like this all along but Bing beat them to it. Either way this is a win for Bing, and while it might not help the platform anywhere near the kind of success Google enjoys it does show the benefits of other companies being operational in an industry since it creates all kinds of competition that forces them to innovate and bring newer and better services to the masses.

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